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We also offer a FREE LOAN Daiwha Infusion Pump when you purchase one of our ‘sets per month’ plans for a minimum of 12 months (starting at five infusion sets per month). This offer means you save on equipment purchase costs, as well as service and repair costs. If the pump happens to fail, we will exchange it. We even replace the batteries. Daiwha infusion sets can also be used on Niki and Heska pumps.

There’s no limit to the number of free loan pump plans per clinic, and clinics can pass on the infusion set cost to patients, meaning no cost to your clinic.



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IV Therapy FAQs

Why am I getting annoying air-in-line alarms on my infusion pump?

The air-in-line sensor on the Daiwha infusion pump range is critical for your patient safety, as small bubbles can pass into the blood stream and cause serious complications. Correct set up and priming of your pump is the key to avoid this occurring. See our user guides and ask our friendly MQ Vet team to assist with in-service training for your staff.

How can I get an accurate rate of infusion? 

It is critical to maintain an accurate rate of infusion to your patient and with our Daiwha infusion pump range delivering rates of infusion within five percent accuracy, you can be assured that your patient is receiving the right care.