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Consumables FAQs  

How do I choose consumables for my steriliser?

Biological indicators are the most accepted means of monitoring sterilisation because they assess the sterilisation process directly by killing known highly-resistant microorganisms (e.g., Geobacillus or Bacillus species). But because spore tests are often done daily, weekly or monthly and results are usually not obtained immediately, mechanical and chemical monitoring should also be done. 

Chemical indicator monitoring uses sensitive chemicals that change colour when exposed to a combination of steam, high temperature and / or pressure. Examples include chemical indicator tapes (Type 1), chemical indicator strips (Type 4, 5 or 6). Chemical indicator results are obtained immediately following the sterilisation cycle. A chemical indicator should be used inside every package to verify that the sterilising agent has penetrated the package and reached the instruments inside. If the internal chemical indicator is not visible from the outside of the package, an external indicator should also be used.

Bowie-Dick (Helix) tests (Type 2) are recommended for use before starting the daily machine sterilisation process for steam sterilisation devices, to test whether there is air leakage and efficient steam penetration.

A Helix Load Control Test, with a chemical indicator on the far end of a 1−1.5m long narrow hose, measures the strength of steam penetration into a hollow chamber (B Class only).

How often should I change my sidestream CO2 module consumables? 

It’s important to regularly replace all tubing sets. For example, in the EUCO2-003 sidestream CO2 Analyser, the hydrophobic filter and gas drying line should be replaced at least every six months to extend the life of the unit. If used in high moisture conditions or more than two hours a day, then more frequent replacement is advised to protect the device. Be aware of your pump sounds and observe the line for detection of moisture.

How often should my steriliser filter be changed? 

The filter should be changed every 250 cycles. Mediquip technicians will change it during an annual service.

Why use MQ Vet’s pink absorbent underpads? 

Highly absorbent with a waterproof backing, the underpads help keep surfaces clean and dry. This helps with hygiene and saves on clean up time. Our 600mm x 600mm pads can absorb up to 1.5 litres of fluid, and the 900mm x 600mm up to 2 litres. Use of these popular absorbent underpads can also help clinics to gauge patient fluid loss after surgery.