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Gas Equipment FAQs 

Which hosing / tubing should I choose?  

Your choice of gas hosing or tubing will depend on your specific installation so if you’re not sure, even after reading our product descriptions, feel free to call our customer service team on 1300 129 470. MQ Vet stock medical gas hosing for every application: Australian made to Australian standards, and we order in bulk to keep prices down.

Which regulator is the best option for us?  

There are many considerations when it comes to choosing the correct regulator for your requirement: what type of gas is required, where is it positioned, and what is the flow rate required for the application?

Medical gas regulators are coded both on the cylinder connection and the outlet to avoid any incorrect connection in gas supply, and they are also colour coded for each specific gas used. So it is important to select the correct regulator type for your requirement.

Medical gas regulators also come in two specific styles, either piston or capsule. Piston types are generally used in the majority of applications, except where high flow rates are required where capsule types are used.

Can I lengthen or replace the oxygen hoses? 

For lengthening hoses the answer is typically no, although MQ Vet can assist by offering an additional hose that would have a self-sealing outlet on one end and handwheel on the other − basically a male / female hose to add to your existing to create an additional length.

Replacement hoses are made to order for specific applications and lengths.

Should I use humidified oxygen?

Humidified oxygen is used frequently for caged therapy treatments. Just ask our friendly staff for options in these applications.