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Surgical FAQs

How are SIMEON lights value for money? 

A lighting demonstration by one of our team is the best way to see the value of German-made quality SIMEON LED products. Their quality construction and materials mean these lights keep delivering quality performance over the test of time. With proven reliability, SIMEON lights are featured in widespread installations across Australian veterinary clinics. And their long life is backed by Mediquip’s service and support capabilities.

Along with superb lighting quality, the lights offer excellent span and moveability. SIMEON’s numerous patents give testament to their exceptional level of technical innovation.

Their solid construction with positioning brakes avoids drift, and also allows for quick and easy repositioning. SIMEON operating theatre lights also feature scratch-proof monolayer safety glass − not perspex − so crazing over time is not a concern. The light head covers are constructed of durable aluminium, not plastic.

SIMEON patented reflector technology consists of an aluminum reflector dish that is specially designed to reflect light directly onto the subject area. The dish is made from high-quality materials and is coated with a special reflective layer that enhances the brightness and clarity of the light. The reflector shadow resolution system ensures 360 degree illumination onto the examination area, meaning light without shadows.

The combined features of a lens-free design together with an aluminium LED rack ensures maximum energy efficiency with optimum heat dissipation. The small amount of heat generated is immediately diverted to the aluminium light head so that a minimal amount of heat is given off in total. The LEDs are powerful and do not have to work as hard as LEDs utilising older technology.

How do I decide which light model is right for me?

Choosing the right SIMEON light for your needs can depend on a variety of factors, such as the size and layout of your space, ceiling height and building construction, the types of procedures you perform, and your budget. Contact your local MQ Vet sales specialist for an obligation-free consultation and site visit, so they can assess your specific needs and provide recommendations for the most suitable lighting model for your requirements.

Does MQ Vet offer installation of surgical lighting?

MQ Vet offers vet clinics a wealth of experience in the installation of veterinary lighting. The team also offers planning and consultancy, project management and equipment selection advice. See project examples and learn more at Medical Lighting Set Ups.

What types of veterinary suction are available?

There are two main types of veterinary suction: portable suction units for easy moving around, and wall-mounted options, which are permanently-installed piped central suction units capable of running multiple wall outlets at a time. 

How do I choose the right suction for my clinic?

Choosing the right veterinary suction depends on a variety of factors, including the types of procedures you perform, the size of your clinic, and your budget. Contact your MQ Vet sales specialist to discuss your specific needs and to get advice on the best options for your clinic.

How does the Mistral-Air Patient Warmer work?

The Mistral-Air Warmer uses heated forced air to help to manage the patient's temperature safely and efficiently creating a cocoon of warmth for pre-surgical, surgical, or post-surgical use. Patient warmers can help reduce the risk of hypothermia and by maintaining a stable body temperature can help improve patient comfort and recovery. This may help with faster healing times and potential for reduced risk of complications. The Mistral-Air Warmer’s design allows for even distribution of heat throughout the entire blanket.