Complete servicing & repair solutions for your veterinary equipment

Proven track record

MQ Vet is part of Mediquip which has been servicing veterinary equipment for decades. We're committed to quality, with ISO9001 assurance certification and adhere to Australian standards.

We have service technicians within two hours drive of 90 percent of Australia's population, and technical workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Prompt response to breakdowns. Quick repair turnaround. Warehousing around Australia with spare parts.

24/7 support
For your peace of mind, we have technical specialists accessible around the clock.

Workshop and onsite servicing by friendly, qualified technicians.

Schedule with specialists

Schedule with specialists

Service scheduling
Our team of service administrators offers a proactive approach to organising preventative maintenance. Regular servicing can increase equipment life, reduce downtime, maintain reliability and help lift stress from your team − particularly important for some of your most-used assets: anaesthetic machines and sterilisers.

Comprehensive records
Access your equipment service and repair history via our asset management system MAAS, which supports hundreds of thousands of medical assets all over Australia.

Sterilisation specialists
Regular servicing of your sterilisation equipment can help avoid breakdown call-outs and reduce equipment downtime, as well as meet sterilisation parameters through testing.


Over 35 years supporting vet practices.


Technicians within 2 hours drive of 90% of population.


We adhere to Australian Standards and have quality assurance.

Vaporiser overhaul

man smiling while tightening something on a medical equipment

Vaporiser overhaul

We offer vaporiser overhaul plus an exchange program. Manufacturer recommendation is that vaporisers be overhauled / exchanged every two years to maintain optimal performance.

The vaporiser is an integral part of your anaesthetic machine required to deliver an accurate dosage of agent to your patient. This can be compromised over time due to deterioration of vital seals and components, and potential for leaks can be harmful to your staff and compromise anaesthetic effectiveness. 

With our vaporiser service centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, your clinic can access local support, saving time and money.

Vaporiser exchange program

Vaporiser exchange program

For your convenience to minimise downtime, we also offer vaporiser exchange. 

In MQ Vet serviced areas (metro & inner regional^): 

  • We pick up your existing unit = no freight costs, 
  • We supply you with a re-built vaporiser = no down time, 
  • And attach it to your anaesthetic machine. 

^In areas outside this, freight costs and a bond fee applies, with bond reimbursed upon receipt of your exchanged vaporiser.

Interested in a convenient vaporiser exchange? Call 1300 129 470.

Service FAQs

What sort of equipment do you repair and service?

Our service technicians work across the variety of veterinary equipment – from anaesthetic machines, dopplers, electric and hydraulic surgical tables, electrosurgical units, infusion pumps and syringe drivers, medical gas equipment and pipeline, oxygen concentrators and supply plants, patient monitors and patient warmers to scavenging systems, sterilisers, suction pumps, surgery and exam lights, ultrasound systems and ventilators.

We can service all equipment that MQ Vet sells plus a variety of other brands. To check if we can provide service or repairs for your equipment brand/s, simply call our service administration team on 1300 129 470.

How can I be sure of your servicing quality?

MQ Vet is part of Mediquip, which has been servicing equipment for veterinary clinics, GP clinics, hospitals and emergency services for over 35 years. We work to Australian Standards and have ISO9001 quality assurance certification. We’re also the Australian service agents for a variety of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

How quickly can you attend to my equipment?

We pride ourselves on quick repair turnaround and offer services within clinics and in our workshops. Having technicians within two hours drive of 90 percent of Australia’s population and technical workshops plus warehousing of spare parts around Australia, we’re well-positioned to support your equipment needs. Our service administration team looks after scheduling so feel free to call 1300 129 470 to learn more about timings.


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