MQ Vet is excited to offer a fantastic 20% discount on our Bionet BM3 Vet Monitors and 15% off all anaesthetic machines. This is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your clinic with state-of-the-art veterinary monitoring equipment at a great price complete with national product service, support and installation. Check out our end of financial year deals below.

Multi-Parameter Monitoring: Includes ECG with arrhythmia detection, SpO2, NIBP, Respiration, and Temperature, with optional modules for EtCO2 and Dual Gas for anaesthetic gas monitoring.

User-Friendly Interface: An 8.0” color TFT touch screen displays up to four waveforms, making it easy to monitor multiple parameters simultaneously. The screen offers customizable sweep speeds for each parameter and retains settings even after power-off​.

Data Management: The monitor stores up to 168 hours of trend data and supports easy data transfer via USB. It also features BT-Link Pro and BT-Link Mobile for real-time monitoring and recording, enhancing your clinic's efficiency.

Continuous Flow System: Designed and built by MQ Vet, this system is reliable, robust, and customizable to meet individual clinic needs. It features a stainless steel frame, 0-10lpm rotameter, emergency oxygen flush, and comes with a 3-year parts and labour warranty.

Versatile Options: Available in various configurations including a portable version in a heavy-duty pelican case, and a compact wall-mounted version. Each model is equipped with necessary components like CO2 absorbers, breathing circuits, and scavenger adapters.

Would you like to see the latest technology and advances in image quality? Request an obligation free product demonstration from our sister brand, Medical Plus.

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